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%. it had been levying real estate taxes in two major cities, shanghai and jongching but decided to kple kple -- implement them in other cities as well. >>> they approved a new president and premier, a once in a decade change of leadership. mitchitaka yamaka reports. >> translator: china's dream must be realized with the power of a united people. that's the dream of each and every chinese. >> reporter: xi used the phrase "china's dream" nine times in the speech. at the end of the congress. the new president pledged efforts to improve people's lives and lead a national renaissance. a strong china is part of that dream. a point driven home by the incoming premier. he spoke to the media saying china will maintain its uncompromising strength of sovereignty and territorial rights. >> translator: china is firmly determined to follow the path of peaceful development. at the same time, china's position of defending its sovereignty and territory is unwavering. china will never bend these two principles. >> reporter: one of the new leaders did not speak, but his appointment has attracted much atte
in russia because of preferential tax treatment. two days of talks ended up without any agreement. bloomberg quotes saris as saying cyprus will continue to gain some kind of assistance from russia. he says there's still possibility to get conditions eased for the loans russia has extended in the past. >>> tensions are rising i >>> representatives from japan and the uk sponsored it. the three members of the commission will look into north korea's network of political prisons. japan's ambassador cited the abduction of korean nationals. >> japan strongly believes that a inquiry to investigate human rights will provide the council with con degree o-- concrete outcomes. >> the north korean ambassador criticized this. >> of the hostile forces, those human rights abuses have totally nothing to do with it. >> he has said that north koreans face widespread and systematic allegations. >>> last year, members of ansar dean. they were associated with al qaeda. it prompted french forces to intervene in the fighting in the former french colony. some security analysts suspect a link between it and a hostage
shock. and help to protect the most vulnerable people. >> government leaders had proposed a tax of up to 9.9% on bank deposits. but last week parliament rejected their plan. the european central bank had threatened to stop emergency funding by the end of the day if negotiators failed to reach a deal. >>> japanese depositors saw a upswing in stocks since mid-november the nk of japan released the results of its quarterly funds result on monday. outstanding balance of personal financial assets stood at $16.3 trillion as of the end of december. it's a gain of 2.5%. now, this rise is the sharpest since 2006. that's when japan was enjoying its longest stretch of post-war economic growth. the value of equities rose 12.2%. and investment trusts or mutual funds by 9.5%. observers say personal financial assets are likely to continue growing due to the ongoing rise in stock prices. people are also saving more money. also watching where japanese consumers will start spending again. major department stores are already reporting a rise in the sales of luxury items. >>> two leading shipbuilders in j
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3